200Pcs/Lot 25mm Large Round flat PVC Loose Sequins Paillettes sewing craft for wedding Decoration with 1 side hole Dark Mint

20mm pvc, dresses latin

Wholesale Bags Womens

12*20mm egg ovalHearts bag. Wholesale metalic sequin. Sequins snowflake. Ab transparent. Features: Asymmetrical. Metallic #4b. Oval with 1 hole. Baby girl clothes. Square. 

Wholesale Bag Bucket

Batches. Wholesale boot magic. Wholesale 3.3 mm. Shoulder off. Very thin. Paillette table. Sr0002. About 400 pieces/ bag. Wholesale flat flower sequins. 10mm snow flakes. 15mm flat. Shell seaRonerai. Europe and the united states. 4mmtransparent watermelon. 13mm  shell. Cp0812. 

Round Stampers

Decoration: 20g/lot(approx 4000pcs). As 3. Bk 10mm. Horses mini. Pailletten voor ambachten. Imyok. Europe and the united states, sexy. Sneakers  woman. Gh-wc0002. 8mm flat. Summer t shirts 2018. Heart sequins40. Solid bag. 

Multilayer Black...men

Season: Heart shape sequins. Sew-on. 2 side hole. As photo. Heat resistance,eco-friendly,. Beige sequined. Mix randomly. Sequins love. 12mm*20mm oval flat. Sequins mm. Sequin beading trim. 3mm flat ab transparent red. Side bags for ladies. 2mm flat round pink. Jewlery shoes. White color. 

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