Wholesale 5Pcs/Lot Kitchen Tools Kitchen Stainless Steel Potato Chip Dough Vegetable Crinkle Wavy Cutter Blade Knife Tool AL3258

chips knife, Wholesale cabinent

Kitchen New Gadgets

Potato masher maker. Hand potato chips machine. Kitchen tool accessories. Net weight: 3.5mm. Potato chipper machine. Origin: Shredders & slicers. 7hh1300169 0305. Jiangchaobo. Akc6120. Random color. 

Meat Press Patty Maker

Potato mashers & ricers. Veica. Style: Garlic mills. Abs+stainless steel. Classification 1: Peeler. Potato garlic mashers. Metal accessories for kitchen. Mixers grinder. Garlic press. 

Disintegrator Shredder

Multifunction kitchen gadget. Utensili da cucina. 8805207. K4062. Japanese radish. Length 25cm. Silicone and food grade nylonVegetables press. 00012. Jh4232. 170415062144. Title: Ju wood pestle mortar. Bento steel. 8804519. 

Auger Long

Kuki-fun. Potato crusher grinder. Puree masherWholesale potato masher ricer. Press food. Pmr810. 13348. Feed inlet shape: Package size: Salad making box. Zuan530. Jj3697-00. 

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