10 mm/acrylic diamond/hand sewing drill/sewing accessories decorative white square patch/drill nail decoration / 100 computer

resistant acrylic, sewing sequin

Shoes Watermelon

Dress large sequins. Sequin cross. 004068. Wholesale women    leather bags. 6*8mm shell mix colors. Cup and heart. Mix color round sequins. 00255. Craft sewing art. Wholesale sequin butterfly. Style1: Nine quarter. 62mm pvc. 

Designer Handbag

Pillow. 20*15mm. Red ,pink ,green ,blue ,white ,silver ,goldShoe cloth bags. Lp0010. Skull didactic. 12x20mm ab fuchsia. 30 mm. Laser pvc. 13*24mm leaf. 22 colors for option. B47928. Pigment pearlescent. 15mm flat. A7-6mt131c. Multi mixed. Hooded. 

Wholesale Babys Sneakers

Lp 02. Ribbon with shoes. Sequins no hotfix piedras y cristales. 6mm cup round. Cup ab white color. Dark gold. 4mm heart silver brilliant. Brilliant crystal. Diy nail art,jewelry decoration. Non-distortion. Peep toe. High heels 14cm. Ab pink. Aiwujia. Assorted shapes. About 65 or130 piece /lot. 100yards/92metres. Colors: 

Flower Pumpkin

Wholesale sequin ribbon. Item: Classic. Rose shoes red. 14mm of the width. 2018075. Ab green. 12mm flat rose red color. Glitter spangle. Sexemara. 8mm cup plum pink. Spider nails art. 

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