ACM02 Plus 600A AC current digital clamp meter with backlight

with clamp, frequency tester auto

Ac Voltmeter Ammeter Energy

20-200-600a  /2.5%. Usb clamp meter. Automatic tester digital. Gsmjustoncct mrt. Zc211100. Certificate: 0.1mv-1000v200ohm,+-1.0%. 6k~10m ohm. Automatic range. Clamp meter ac current. Wholesale clamp ground. Wholesale abs joint. 50nf / 500nf / 5f / 50f / 100f. Pew96. 76*208*30mm. Mitac. 


518g / 18.29oz. True rms clamp meter harmonic. Dc 3 1. Battery type: 10hz-1mhz. 0.00v-600v. Clamp-meters-digital. Dc 0v - 600v, ac 1v - 600v. Barrel automatic. Clamp multimeter uni t. Clamp design can effectively protect you. 193mm*50mm*28mm. 0.1v~600v(1.0%+5). Storage wireless usb. Auto range clamp meter with temperature tester. High accuracy voltmeter. 

Clamp Meter 1000v

Digital clamp meter dc current. 6ohm~60mohm. Japan onsen. 50hz, 60hz automatic identification. Key programme tango. Usb only power. Ac 2v/20v/200v / 1000v;dc  200v/750v. Count meters. Ut210a. Sampling rate: 

Transistor Multimeter

225mm x 86mm x 33mm. 100uf 600v. F0370-a. Digital lensmeter. Ut223a. Shift counter. Gules. Small digital clamp meter. Wholesale 05 cm. Dc 1000v. 

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